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U had a displacement of 1, tonnes 1, long tons when at the surface and 1, tonnes 1, long tons while submerged. She had two shafts and two 1. The submarine had a maximum surface speed of U was fitted with six The boat had a complement of forty-eight. She made one offensive patrol, from November to Februaryto North America. On 14 Januarythe boat torpedoed and sank three ships within 13 minutes near Halifax Harbour off the Atlantic coast of Canada. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Kurt Dobratz 8 March - 31 March [1] Oblt. Retrieved 16 July Shipwrecks of Nova Scotia. British Freedom". Retrieved 17 February Translated by Brooks, Geoffrey. Der U-Boot-Krieg in German. Hamburg, Berlin, Bonn: Mittler. U-boats and Mine Warfare Vessels. German Warships — Translated by Thomas, Keith; Magowan, Rachel. London: Conway Maritime Press. List of U-boats of Germany. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

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Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Deutsche Werft AGHamburg. Nipiwan Park. United Kingdom.FAR Smart Matrix. Chapter 99 CAS. The invoice or voucher may be on a form or company letterhead as long as it meets the requirements of the Management and Budget OMB regulation at 5 CFR Part as implemented by.

The forms must be completed as required by. The numbered items correspond to the entries on the form. Start with "1" and number consecutively. A separate series of consecutive numbers must be used beginning with "1" for each contract number or order number when applicable. Leave all these blocks blank. Name and address of contractor as it appears on the contract.

The period for which the incurred costs are being claimed e. Insert the following: "For detail, see the total amount of the claim transferred from the attached SFpage X of X. Use the same basic instructions for the SF as used for the SF Ensure that the contract and, if applicable, order number, are shown on each continuation sheet. Use as many sheets as necessary to show the information required by the contract, contracting officer, or responsible audit agency; however, if more than one sheet of SF is used, each sheet shall be in numerical sequence.

Show, as applicable, the target or estimated costs, target or fixed-fee, and total contract value, as adjusted by any modifications to the contract or order. The FAR permits the contracting officer to withhold a percentage of fixed fee until a reserve is set aside in an amount that is considered necessary to protect the Government's interest. Show the following costs and supporting data as applicable to the contract or order :.

List each labor category, rate per labor hour, hours worked, and extended total labor dollars per labor category. List each labor category, rate per labor hour, hours worked, and the extended total labor dollars per labor category. Note: Advance written authorization must be received from the contracting officer to work overtime or to pay premium rates; therefore, identify the contracting officer's written authorization to the contractor. If fringe benefits are included in the overhead pool, no entry is required.

If the contract allows for a separate fringe benefit pool, cite the formula rate and base in effect during the time the costs were incurred. If the contract allows for billing fringe benefits as a direct expense, show the actual fringe benefit costs. Show those items normally treated as direct costs. Expendable items need not be itemized and may be grouped into major classifications such as office supplies.

List the name and title of traveler, place of travel, and travel dates. If the travel claim is based on the actual costs expended, show the amount for the mode of travel i.

These actual costs must be supported with receipts to substantiate the costs paid. Travel costs for consultants must be shown separately and also supported. Itemize those costs that cannot be placed in categories 1 through 5 above. Categorize these costs to the extent possible. Cite the rate, base, and extended amount.

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The completion final voucher is the last voucher to be submitted for incurred, allocable, and allowable costs expended to perform the contract or order. This voucher should include all contract reserves, allowable cost withholdings, balance of fixed fee, etc.

However, the amount of the completion voucher when added to the total amount previously paid cannot exceed the total amount of the contract. This is a U. Individuals found performing unauthorized activities are subject to disciplinary action including criminal prosecution. Skip to main content. Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council.Buy Online. Sell Sheet. Storage Prep Tips. Winter Prep Tips. All Promotions. A 32 in. Ideal for concrete, asphalt and gravel surfaces. The innovative Quick Stick control allows you to quickly and easily change chute direction and chute deflector with a single, smooth motion.

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Due to resistance of SCP to high temperatures, any items suspected of SCP contamination must be decontaminated by immersion in 1 molar NaOH solution, and subsequent heating in a gravity-displacement autoclave to degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, followed by sterilization as usual.

See Document Sigma for a complete list of approved procedures where the stated is not appropriate Personnel manipulating SCP samples are to use Level-A hazardous materials protective clothing manufactured to standards outlined in Document Sigma.

As instances of SCP in the first stage are difficult to separate from the general population, the recommended means of identification of such is working through those related to known SCP instances, assuming the most common symptom progression. In this stage, the removal of reproductive organs seems to halt the progress of the condition, and the residual symptoms are susceptible to treatment by most tricyclic antidepressants. Instances of SCP in the second stage are essentially untreatable due to the extent of disruption to physiologic processes taking place, furthermore, even if treated, their reintroduction to society would be problematic.

As such, they are to be euthanised, or left to expire on their own, and cremated. Description: SCP is the designation given to a mixture of unknown proteins capable of causing a condition designated Novosadov Syndrome.

The mechanism upon which it relies is poorly understood at the moment. The precise mechanism of action is unknown - administration of isolated constituent prions, or partial mixtures to human subjects had no discernible effects, or caused conditions only weakly related to the syndrome's symptoms. SCP does not denature easily by heat treatment alone, and can withstand temperatures of up to degrees Celsius for roughly fifteen seconds - heating with basic agents, preferably NaOH, KOH or Ca OH 2 of normality at least 1 has been shown effective.

The onset of the condition can be split into two phases. During the first phasewhich sets on approximately weeks after the introduction of SCP into the subject's body, the subject designated SCP will become increasingly perfunctory and depressed.

Subjective assessment along with supporting evidence e. At this stage, no obvious physiologic changes are present 1 in males. This phase tends to last between months. The second phase onset is marked by a sudden loss of appetite, elevated body temperature, insomnia, and increased secretion of androgens. During the onset, SCP report a subjective improvement to their demeanor. In addition, the menstrual cycle of female subjects is disrupted, with a large number of eggs beginning to mature, and the uterine lining thickening.

Usually within the next five days, the libido of SCP will return and proceed to increase, becoming the defining trait of their behaviour, in the case of male instances of SCP, overwhelming even their survival instinct towards the end of the period.


Male subjects tend to expire after a further days due to a combination of exhaustion from lack of sleep and nutrition, and the collapse of the immune system caused by excessive testosterone levels.

Female SCP can be separated into three groups.

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Those in which fertilization occurs late or not at all tend to expire due to the same reasons as male subjects. If fertilization occurs early, the androgen levels tend to drop, and SCP's behavior will slowly normalize over the following days. The subsequent progress depends on the number of fertilized ovocytes surviving. The ovocytes nest and appear to undergo development accelerated roughly three times compared to regular embryos.

Continuing to raise such feti in vitro is possible and once outside the mother's body, their growth rate will slowly decrease to match that of feti in the same development stage. Infants raised this way show no significant difference to control group.

Agent Golovanov 4by the time infiltrated within the Soviet army as a telegraphist, has managed to capture a coded depeche ordering the prompt incineration of Private Novosadov's remains, and was able to obtain tissue samples and a copy of the autopsy report.Redfin Estimate based on recent home sales. United States. California DRE If you are using a screen reader, or having trouble reading this website, please call Redfin Customer Support for help at Street View.

Redfin Estimate.

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Off Market. Create an Owner Estimate. Track This Estimate. Homeowner Tools. Rental Estimate for Gates St. Edit Home Facts to improve accuracy. Rental estimate based on recent rentals. This house sits on a 6, square foot lot. This address can also be written as Gates Street, Aurora, Illinois Public Facts for Gates St. Beds —. Lot Size 6, Sq.

Style Single Family Residential. Home facts updated by county records on Jan 26, Property Details for Gates St. Assessor Information Assessment Year: Lot Information Land Sq. Ft: 6, Legal Lot Number: 9. Sale History.

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Tax History. Activity for Gates St. GreatSchools Rating. G N Dieterich Elementary School. K D Waldo Middle School. East High School. School data provided by GreatSchools.

School service boundaries are intended to be used as reference only.Licenses 1. Information provided to commissioner. At the request of the commissioner, every department, board, commission, division, authority, district or other agency of the State issuing or renewing a license or other certificate of authority to conduct a profession, trade or business shall provide to the commissioner, in such form as the commissioner may prescribe, a list of all licenses or certificates of authority issued or renewed by that agency during the preceding calendar year, beginning with calendar year The list provided to the commissioner must contain the name, address, social security or federal identification number of the licensees and such other identifying information as the commissioner may adopt by rule.

Notwithstanding other provisions of law, a person seeking a license or certificate of authority or a renewal shall provide, and the responsible agency shall collect, the information required by the commissioner under this section. Failure by a person to provide that information to a licensing or certifying agency results in an automatic denial of a request for a license or certificate of authority or a renewal.

Failure to file or pay taxes; determination to prevent renewal, reissuance or other extension of license or certificate.

If the commissioner determines that an employer who holds a state-issued license or certificate of authority to conduct a profession, trade or business has failed to file a return at the time required under this chapter or has failed to pay a tax liability due under this chapter that has been demanded and the employer continues to fail to file or pay after at least 2 specific written requests to do so, the commissioner shall notify the employer in writing by certified mail, return receipt requested, that refusal to file the required tax return or to pay the overdue tax liability may result in loss of license or certificate of authority.

This written notice must include information about the opportunity to request a fact-finding interview for the purpose of determining essential facts, negotiating a payment agreement and determining the appropriateness of further enforcement under this section. If the employer requests a fact-finding interview within 30 days, the commissioner shall schedule the interview at which the commissioner shall attempt to negotiate a reasonable payment agreement. The employer must be notified in writing if the commissioner's determination is to prevent renewal, reissuance or extension of the license or certificate of authority by the issuing agency.

If the employer enters into a payment agreement, a determination may not be made under this section until the employer fails to comply with the agreement.

If the employer continues, for a period in excess of 30 days from notice of possible denial of renewal or reissuance of a license or certificate of authority, to fail to file or show reason why the person is not required to file or if the employer continues not to pay, the commissioner shall notify the employer in writing of the determination to prevent renewal, reissuance or extension of the license or certificate of authority by the issuing agency.

A review of the determination is available by filing an appeal under section to the Division of Administrative Hearings. Either by failure to proceed to the next step of appeal or by exhaustion of the steps of appeal, the determination of the commissioner's right to prevent renewal or reissuance becomes final unless otherwise determined by appeal.

In any event, the license or certificate of authority in question remains in effect until all appeals are taken to their final conclusion. This subsection may not be invoked for any tax liability under appeal. Refusal to renew, reissue or otherwise extend license or certificate. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any issuing agency that is notified by the commissioner of the commissioner's final determination to prevent renewal or reissuance of a license or certificate of authority under subsection 2 shall refuse to reissue, renew or otherwise extend the license or certificate of authority.

Notwithstanding Title 5sections andan action by an issuing agency pursuant to this subsection is not subject to the requirements of Title 5chaptersubchapters IV and VI and no hearing by the issuing agency or in District Court is required. A refusal by an agency to reissue, renew or otherwise extend the license or certificate of authority is deemed a final determination within the meaning of Title 5section Subsequent reissuance, renewal or other extension of license or certificate.

The agency may reissue, renew or otherwise extend the license or certificate of authority in accordance with the agency's statutes and rules after the agency receives a certificate issued by the commissioner that the person is in good standing with respect to all returns due or with respect to any tax due as of the date of issuance of the certificate. An agency may waive any applicable requirement for reissuance, renewal or other extension if it determines that the imposition of that requirement places an undue burden on the person and that a waiver of the requirement is consistent with the public interest.

Financial institutions excluded. This section does not apply to any registration, permit, order or approval issued pursuant to Title 9-B nor does it apply to tax registration certificates issued by the Bureau of Revenue Services for sales tax, withholding tax and fuel tax.

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PLc. The Revisor's Office cannot provide legal advice or interpretation of Maine law to the public. If you need legal advice, please consult a qualified attorney. Maine Government.The product is seamless, works perfectly, easy to use and manage not to mention their support is First Class.

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